Unleash your inner detective in this city game!


1,5 – 2,5 hours


2 – 10.000+ players


Outdoor | Hybrid


Fully customizable content

The game

Time to unleash your inner detective in Escape the City. During this thrilling game, it’s up to the participants to solve a horrific crime. Eight people have been killed and thus far the police have managed to apprehend eight suspects. But there is only one culprit. Work together in teams and solve this crime to lock them away once and forever!

During this app-based game, teamwork, analytical skills and being able to preform under pressure are of up most importance. Is your team able to solve the crime correctly in the least amount of time?

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Action Pack: Items list

Each team is provided with an action pack (suitcase) filled with materials. Using our game app, your customers will step into the role of a detective. Below is an overview of the materials included:

  • Police file with suspects, weapons and motives.
  • Police reports.
  • Crime scenses.
  • Checkpoints (escape puzzles and assignments).
  • Newspaper.
  • Red glasses.
  • Blacklight.
  • UV marker.

Behind the scenes

Escape the City is an immersive and highly customizable adventure game that offers a thrilling escape experience like no other. What sets this game apart is its unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to tailor the entire gaming experience to your preferences, whether you’re hosting a small gathering of friends or orchestrating a massive corporate team-building event.

The game master, at the helm of this thrilling adventure, has the capability to oversee and manage a substantial number of teams. The point-rewarding system ensures that players are continually engaged and motivated to tackle the challenges ahead. Plus, the in-app chat function keeps lines of communication open between the game master and the teams, facilitating guidance, hints, and updates as the game unfolds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Escape the City?

Escape the City is a city game that challenges players to step in and solve a murder case. They can do this through various puzzles and assignments that are presented in an app. Because the game is highly customizable, groups can choose in which city they want to play the game. Highlights of that city will be transformed into crime scenes that the players have to find. With the help of the app and the clues they have to discover, they will gradually uncover more about the killer.

2. What is included?

When you buy Escape the City, you get everything you need to sell this game to your clients.

  • The full game
  • A free game app that can be used to run the game
  • Marketing materials
  • Photos, videos and trailers
  • Continuous support from us

3. Why choose Escape the City?

Everyone dreams of stepping into the shoes of a real detective at some point. That’s why we developed Escape The City. Because the game is scalable and fully customizable, it is suitable for any type of group or composition you could wish for.

More than just games

We deliver the complete game package for Escape the City. We truly believe in “More than just games“. Together, we create the best games.

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